Saturday, 15 June 2013


     This is the post for the WeChat (the best mobile messanger app) Contest.

The five people I would like to connect with in WeChat are :

1. James Arthur Gosling : He is known as the   

father of java programming language. He created the original design of java and implemented the language's original compiler and virtual machine. I want to connect with him because he is my inspiration. I want to thank him for his wonderful effort in the technology. He is one of the legend who changes the way we think about technology.

2. Sachin Tendulkar : He is little master who
     is the greatest batsman in one day International Cricket and second only to Don Bradman in the all time greatest list in test cricket. I want to connect with him because i am a lover of cricket. I want to learn cricket from him. I want some cricket tips from him.

3. Albert Einstein :  He is the father of physics. Its 
major contribution in physics was the general theory of relativity and develop an energy-mass relation with his formula E=mc2. He is also nobel price winner in 1921. I want to connect with him because of his qualities. He is a great man.

4. Chetan Bhagat : He is an Indian writer who write 

novals. One of  his famous noval "Three mistakes of my life" is my favourite noval. I want to connect with him because he inspired me alot from his novals. He is one of the greatest writers in Indian history. 

Here's my chat with Chetan :
Me : Hey, Chetan. Please write something about me on your next book.
Chetan : Ya sure.. but how can i know about you.?
Me : I will tell you with video calling in WeChat.
Chetan : okay.. Wait for it, i will send you request when i will free.
Me : okay.. Thanks.. It was nice talking to you. :)

5. Supi(fictitious) :  He will break the record of 

Sachin Tendulkar, use more brain than Einstein and write novals. He will make a new programming language. I just want to connect with him because I don't want to miss a chance to connect with the future of all the legends.

Here's some part of my group chat with Einstein and Supi :
Me : Supi(fictitious), How could you do that ?
Supi : It was just an easy job for me.. :D
Me : Hahaha.. You are second Rajnikanth in the world.. :P
Supi : Thanks for your compliment. :)
Me : Einstein, You are gone now. No one will remember you in the future, Its all about Supi. :P
Einstein : ohh... Not know what to do.. :(

About WeChat :

WeChat is a mobile text and messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China. It was first released in January, 2011. It is a mobile messanger app in which voice chatting, group chatting and many more features. Now the time it ranked at number one in the world as compared to other messanger apps.

WeChat you tube channel tells you more about WeChat.

Here are some features that WeChat provides :

1. Free : Most messanger apps in the market are not free. They take charges for use but WeChat is free app.

2. Group and Live Chat : We chat provides you to connect with as many people as you want in a group chat.

3. Connect With Facebook : WeChat gives you the option so that you can connect with facebook friends with just single click.

4. Save Chat History/Backup : Saves your chat history in another file with password.

5. Video Call : Provides you the option of video calling in which you can talk with other person face to face.

6. Voice Chat : You can chat by your voice at anytime between the live chat also.

7. Web WeChat : Chat by the use of your pc.

8. Moments : Share your pics with your friends and public also.

9. Emoticons : Emoticons are the way to express your mood. Select one of the image from different images and share it.

10. Platforms : Supports almost all the platforms.

Hope these features are enough to convince you for WeChat.


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